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Malin Ersson-Rapp

CEO, Owner & Instructor

Malin started Rapp Fitness as a small firm 2011.

Member of ZIN since 2011, SYNC since 2017.

The Always smiling and happy Malin didn't have any plas to start working out. Her work as a mailman was enough, she thought.

As a Child she tried sports and gymnastics, but was Always told that she wasn't good enough.

She Went to the gym a few times as a grown up. But no, it was boring!

She found Zumba® Fitness in 2011 och bought a home DVD-box. In the end it said; "Do you have what it takes to be a Zumba® Instructor?"

No, not really... But it's som much FUN!

Despite doubts from her self and family, she attended the Zumba® Instructor Training in Stockholm.

In august 2011 had her first class in Lilla Hedebyhallen i Vagnhärad. Almost 30 people showed up. Love!

Malin is a mom of two girls and have Three bonus kids (2 girls and one boy). She has a heart condition since she was born, but it isn't anything she notices. Her heart has become stronger since she started training. <3

Robert Ersson-Rapp

PR, owner & Instructor

Member of ZIN since 2016, SYNC since 2017.

Robert is high on energy and loves to have alot to do!

He has a lot of experience from sports and working with kids. Mostly from Judo, where he's an instructor too.

Summer of 2016, Robert was laying in the sofa due to his back problems. (AS) Malin was working on her choreos. "It looks like fun... Maybe I should try it?"

Robert visited Malin's class and loved it! All the enorfins made him forget about his back aching.

In december 2016 blev Robert became a Zumba® Fitness instructor.

Thru his first year as an instructor, he attended 8 tranings! ;)

2017 he became a partner at Rapp Fitness and the hunt for their own studio started.

Robert is a dad of two Girls, one boy and have two bonus kids. (2 girls) He has a chronic back pain, but he's always happy. <3

Tilde Rapp


Member of SYNC since 2018.

Our youngest instructor at Rapp Fitness. With only 15 years of age, she made it through the STRONG by Zumba® instructor training. Well done!

Tilde studies at Södertälje Musikklasser and hopes to get in at  Thoren Business School. Her goal is to be an Prosecutor.

Tough girl with skin on her nose. But still humble and caring.

Next year she wants to take the instructor training for Zumba® Fitness.


Nya Industrivägen 3, Vagnhärad

(Nero Center)